Why we Don’t Feel Safe in America.. ! Indian Student Perspective!

If you are an Indian student planning to study in the United States or already living in America, you may feel a sense of unease due to the rising number of violent crimes. In a viral YouTube video, Saiesh explains his experience of living in Atlanta, where he witnessed several shootings, robberies, and murders. This post is based on Saiesh’s video and provides insights into why Indian students may not feel safe in America.

Part 1: Shootings and Mass Violence

Saiesh recalls the day when he received an email stating that he could not exit the building because a mass shooting had occurred in downtown Atlanta. He was shocked to hear that more than two Indian students had been killed in the past few months. While Saiesh survived the incident unharmed, he notes that many students are living in fear of gun violence.

Part 2: Crime and Safety

Saiesh mentions that even Google Maps showed that there had been a shooting in his area, and he had to take a different route home. He advises Indian students to take precautions and maintain a safe distance from strangers. He also suggests that students not walk around with expensive items or headphones on, as it can make them more vulnerable to theft and attacks.

Part 3: Uber Eats and Dangerous Gas Stations

Saiesh narrates a chilling story of a person who was delivering food for Uber Eats and was brutally murdered by a person who had a passion for killing. He also warns that some homeowners may shoot if they think that a person is trespassing on their property. Saiesh suggests that students who do Uber Eats should call the customer to come outside to pick up their food to avoid any risks.

Part 4: Gangs and Violence

Saiesh mentions that gangs are prevalent in America, especially in areas such as Compton and LA. He also highlights that people have a fascination with guns and become gangsters in their dreams. He cautions that even gas stations are not safe from shootings and robberies. Students living near gas stations may experience curfews during violent incidents.

Part 5: The Second Amendment

Saiesh points out that the second amendment of the US Constitution, which gives citizens the right to bear arms, is the main reason for the increase in gun violence. He mentions that other countries do not have similar issues because they have fewer guns. He advises that the US should outlaw machine guns, as they are responsible for mass shootings.

Part 6: Safety Measures

Saiesh suggests that students should always be aware of their surroundings and avoid walking alone late at night. He also advises not to carry expensive items while walking in dangerous areas. Lastly, he emphasizes that students should not be too scared but should focus on taking precautions to stay safe.


Saiesh’s video offers a glimpse into the growing concerns of Indian students studying in America. It highlights the need for the US government to take immediate action to address the rising gun violence and ensure the safety of its citizens. However, Indian students can also take measures to stay safe by being aware of their surroundings, avoiding dangerous areas, and taking precautions.

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