Why Indians do H1B Fraud? Exposing Indian IT Companies!

Introduction and Background Information

As you may already know, the H1B lottery system allows US companies to hire foreign-born workers in specialty occupations. However, the chances of getting selected in the H1B lottery have decreased over the years due to a large number of fraudulent registrations. Most of these fraudulent registrations are connected to Indian-owned companies or companies with a majority of Indian employees. In this video, we will investigate why Indian-owned companies are committing H1B fraud and whether they are actually contributing to the US economy.

How H1B Used to Work

Four years ago, the H1B lottery system was paper-based, and companies had to file a petition and prove that they were hiring a foreign-born worker for a specialty occupation that could not be filled by a US citizen. Once the petition was approved, the employee would get an H1B visa. However, now the system is completely online and extremely affordable, costing only $10. This means that anyone can create a company and file for H1B lottery for just $10, which has resulted in a significant increase in fraudulent applications.

The Biggest Loophole in H1B Fraud

The biggest loophole in H1B fraud is the ease of creating duplicate entries. With a single form and a $10 fee, you can create multiple duplicate entries, significantly reducing the chances of genuine applicants getting selected. According to the video, out of 781,000 applications for H1B, only 350,000 were genuine, and the remaining 400,000 were created by just 96,000 people.

Impact of H1B Fraud on Applicants

H1B fraud has affected the chances of genuine applicants like you getting selected. Three years ago, your chances of getting selected in the H1B lottery were around 50%, but due to the increase in fraudulent applications, your chances have now reduced to less than 10%. If all duplicate and fraudulent applicants are removed, the probability of genuine applicants like you getting selected would be around 15-20%.

H1B Lottery System Today

Before the online system, there used to be 100-200,000 applicants fighting for 85,000 seats in the H1B lottery. However, now there are 781,000 applicants, and only 85,000 visas are available. The H1B visa system needs to be updated to reflect the current job market in the US, which has around 9 million jobs and only 4-5 million people to fill them. Due to the demand, people are using loopholes to increase their chances of getting selected in the H1B lottery.

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