Why Indians cross Canada USA Border? Illegal Immigration Ends?


In a recent incident near the Canada-US border, the bodies of two Indian individuals, Jagdish and Vishala, were discovered after attempting to cross from Canada to the USA. While illegal border crossings typically occur from the USA to Canada, this case raises questions about the motivations behind Indians crossing in the opposite direction. In this article, we will explore the reasons why Indian immigrants choose to cross the Canada-US border, shedding light on the factors that contribute to this trend.

Growing Numbers and Increasing Crossings:

You may be surprised to learn that more individuals are crossing from the USA to Canada, considering that the number of people crossing the US-Mexico border has been well-documented, with Indians constituting the sixth-largest community among the daily border crossers. This trend is partly inspired by Mexican immigrants who can travel visa-free to Canada and then enter the USA, which has served as an inspiration for some Indians seeking a similar route.

Canada’s Appeal for Immigrants:

Contrary to popular belief, many Indians view Canada as more welcoming to immigrants compared to the USA. From your perspective, this perception stems from the fact that immigrants in Canada receive immediate access to free healthcare and face fewer concerns related to medical issues compared to the USA. Furthermore, Canada offers more straightforward work authorization, especially for those who apply for asylum. These factors contribute to a perception that Canada provides more opportunities and benefits for immigrants.

Reasons for Indian Immigration:

Let’s explore the perspective of Indian immigrants, particularly those from Dingucha, a village in Gujarat known for its high emigration rates. The primary reason individuals from this region attempt to reach the USA is the perception of higher income potential. However, it is important to note that working in India can sometimes yield similar or even greater financial gains, especially considering the challenges and risks associated with illegal immigration.

Challenges and Risks of Illegal Immigration: The journey of illegal immigration involves various methods, including crossing the border from Canada, Mexico, or other means. Agents may advise individuals to discard their passports’ identification pages to increase the chances of being accepted as refugees. However, even if successful, asylum seekers face a prolonged process that can take 150-200 days to receive work authorization. The chances of obtaining such approval are less than 1% for Indians, making it a risky endeavor. Additionally, crossing the border in winter poses severe risks, such as frostbite and freezing temperatures.

Family Connections and Business Opportunities:

The desire to join family members and engage in business ventures is a significant driving force for many Indian immigrants. In the case of Dingucha, where a considerable number of residents have emigrated to the USA, families aspire to expand their businesses while enjoying the benefits of living with their loved ones. Gujaratis, particularly the Patels, have made a name for themselves in the US hotel/motel business, where family connections and collective efforts contribute to their success.


While the Canada-US border may seem like an alternative route for Indian immigrants, the realities of illegal immigration present numerous challenges and risks. The motivations behind individuals attempting to cross from Canada to the USA include aspirations for higher income, family reunification, and the desire for documented immigrant status. However, it is crucial to acknowledge the dangers and uncertainties associated with these journeys. Ultimately, the choice to emigrate should be carefully considered, weighing the advantages of family connections and business opportunities against the risks and potential difficulties of illegal immigration.

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