Title: Why Punjab’s Youth Leave for Abroad: Understanding the Reality


Have you ever wondered why so many young Punjabis are leaving their homes in India and migrating abroad? In this blog post, we will delve into the reasons behind this phenomenon by examining the historical context, cultural factors, and economic opportunities that contribute to the exodus of Punjabi youth.

Section 1: Historical Background

You may be surprised to learn that the trend of Punjabi youth leaving India and migrating abroad has deep historical roots. During British colonial rule, a significant number of Punjabis served in the British army, particularly during World War II. Many Punjabis migrated to the United Kingdom to work in industries such as mining and steel furnaces. This migration laid the foundation for the establishment of Southall, also known as Mini Punjab, in the UK. Similarly, Punjabi migrants settled in other countries such as Australia, Canada, and the United States, forming diaspora communities.

Section 2: The Influence of Migration Culture

Over time, the culture of migration became ingrained in Punjab, with a focus on seeking better opportunities abroad. In schools across Punjab, you will often find students being encouraged to study diligently so that they can secure admission to prestigious universities in Canada or other foreign countries. The perception that studying abroad leads to greater professional success has become deeply rooted in the mindset of Punjabi youth.

Section 3: Factors Driving Migration to Different Countries

3.1 Australia: If you look at the history of Punjabi migration to Australia, you will find that it gained momentum when Punjabis who were originally sent to Hong Kong and Singapore caught glimpses of Australia during their journey. This exposure dispelled their initial fears and made them realize the country’s potential for opportunities. Gradually, Punjabis became aware that Australia offered safety and opportunities for a better life.

3.2 Canada: The migration of Punjabis to Canada dates back to 1897 when Punjabi workers arrived for Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee. Despite facing racism and struggles, Punjabis persevered and established themselves in various sectors. They even became prominent politicians, shaping the Punjabi community’s presence in Canadian society.

3.3 United States: Similarly, Punjabis migrated to the United States and became pioneers in their respective fields, including politics. The pursuit of better opportunities and the belief that hard work would be rewarded drove Punjabis to establish themselves in the United States.

Section 4: Rural and Urban Perspectives

4.1 Rural Punjab: If you venture into rural areas of Punjab, you will find that opportunities in agriculture and farming still exist, although they have declined due to various factors such as monocropping and a lack of interest among farm owners’ children. Despite the availability of opportunities, the rural population in Punjab is influenced by the awareness that more significant opportunities lie abroad, coupled with the prevalence of drug addiction issues in some areas.

4.2 Urban Punjab: In urban areas, the desire to migrate is fueled by various factors. Schools play a significant role by hosting foreign university representatives who promote studying abroad. Additionally, the prevalent show-off culture depicted in Punjabi songs and movies further fosters the aspiration to go abroad and acquire luxury items. The pressure to succeed financially and achieve a higher standard of living abroad leads many Punjabi youth to pursue jobs and careers outside their homeland.

Section 5: Lack of Opportunities in Punjab

The perception that Punjab lacks sufficient opportunities for you, the youth, is another driving factor behind the migration trend. Limited exposure to diverse fields of study and employment is prevalent in Punjab. Top colleges for English degrees or culinary arts are scarce, and the IT industry, for example, offers lower salaries compared to other regions in India. This lack of opportunities, both in terms of monetary compensation and career growth, encourages young Punjabis to seek greener pastures overseas.


In conclusion, the migration of Punjabi youth from India to foreign countries is influenced by a combination of historical, cultural, and economic factors. The history of migration, the culture of seeking opportunities abroad, and the perception of limited opportunities in Punjab all contribute to this phenomenon. By understanding these factors, we can gain insight into the motivations behind Punjab’s youth leaving for foreign lands.

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