Title: The Reality of Your Computer Science Degree in 2023: A Breakdown


In this blog post, we will delve into the reality of your computer science degree in 2023. Let’s explore whether it is truly valuable and how it can impact your career prospects. We’ll discuss the three main categories of computer science students and provide a comprehensive breakdown of the key points from a YouTube video on this topic.

  1. Category 1: Pursuing High-Paying Jobs: You may be aiming to crack internships at top companies or secure high-paying positions in trading or investment firms. Companies like Citadel and Jane Street offer substantial compensation, with average salaries for software engineers ranging from $250k to $500k. These roles require expertise in machine learning and AI, specifically in the context of high-frequency trading.
  2. Category 2: Entrepreneurship and Startup Funding: If you have aspirations of starting your own company, you’re part of the second category. Prominent startup accelerators like Y Combinator can provide significant funding, such as $500k for a 7% equity stake. However, it’s essential to note that only 43% of startups effectively utilize this funding and achieve success. Wise investment decisions, effective execution, and a viable business model are crucial factors.
  3. Category 3: Research and Graduate Studies: For those interested in research or pursuing graduate studies, you may collaborate with research professors and engage in projects and research papers. This path is typically chosen by individuals passionate about academic research, aiming to work for top companies or become professors themselves.

The Relevance of Your Computer Science Degree: Now, let’s explore the relevance of your computer science degree and how it can be valuable to you. Consider the following approaches:

a. Prioritizing Networking and Building a Portfolio:

You can choose to pay less attention to academics and instead focus on building a strong network, collaborating on projects, and developing an impressive portfolio. By gaining practical experience and establishing connections, you can enhance your chances of finding employment opportunities and paving a successful career path.

b. Outdated Course Content:

In the fast-paced field of computer science, it’s important to acknowledge that academic course content can quickly become outdated. While classes cover various topics, you may find that they don’t directly apply to your work in the industry. Staying updated with current trends and technologies becomes crucial, often requiring self-learning outside of the traditional classroom environment.

c. Balancing Academics, Projects, and Practical Skills:

Finding the right balance is key. Simply focusing on achieving top grades without practical application or neglecting essential areas like data structures, algorithms, and coding practice can hinder your success in the field. Strive to strike a balance between academics, practical skills, and engaging in project work to enhance your overall competency.


In conclusion, the reality of your computer science degree in 2023 is multifaceted. Its value lies in how you leverage it. Building networks, creating a strong portfolio, and acquiring practical skills alongside academic knowledge are essential. Adaptation to the rapidly evolving industry, continuous learning through online courses, and finding the right balance between academics and real-world experience are critical factors. Ultimately, your computer science degree’s usefulness depends on how you apply your knowledge, pursue your goals, and navigate your chosen career path.

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