Title: Test Driving the Mustang Mach E: A Tesla Owner’s Perspective


Hey there! So, I recently stumbled upon a fascinating YouTube video titled “When Tesla Owner Drives Mustang Electric! (Mach E),” and let me tell you, it caught my attention. As a proud Tesla owner myself, I was curious to see how the Ford Mustang Mach E electric vehicle would fare against my beloved Tesla. In this blog, I’ll take you through the different sections of the video and share my firsthand impressions and observations.

The Introduction:

Okay, buckle up! The video starts with me at the airport, standing next to the stunning Mustang Mach E. Now, we all know how iconic the Mustang brand is, but this time, it’s different—it’s electric! The Mach E I’m about to test drive has already covered an impressive 19,000 miles. I can’t wait to see how it performs and what its range is like.

Exploring the Features:

So, I jump into the driver’s seat of the Mach E, and boy, am I in for a surprise! I quickly realize that this beauty comes with autopilot capabilities, something I wasn’t aware of before. The warning system and the 360-degree view for parking catch my attention as well. And hey, no more adapters for charging! The Mach E has a default charger that makes my life easier compared to my Tesla.

Driving Experience and Comparison:

With anticipation building up, I hit the road and share my thoughts on the driving experience of the Mach E compared to my Tesla. While the Mach E’s acceleration from 0 to 60 mph takes a bit longer than my Tesla, around 7 seconds, I still find the driving experience enjoyable. There is some noticeable body roll during turns, but hey, it’s an SUV, so I expected that. Overall, it’s a pretty good ride!

Accuracy of Range and Autopilot:

Let’s talk numbers! The Mach E’s range estimation turns out to be impressively accurate. It aligns closely with the actual mileage driven, which is a big plus in my book. As for the autopilot, it’s worth mentioning that the Mach E operates at level 2 autonomy. It handles steering, but I have to stay vigilant and be prepared to take over when needed. Comparatively, Mercedes and Audi have achieved higher levels of autonomy in specific areas.

Autopilot and Safety:

Now, this is a topic that deserves attention. Based on my knowledge of Tesla’s autopilot system, I express some concerns about the Mach E’s autopilot capabilities. I share stories of people falling asleep or engaging in unsafe activities while using autopilot in Teslas. It’s crucial to emphasize the need for constant attentiveness when using any level of autonomous driving technology.

Features and Comfort:

Let’s talk features! The Mach E surprises me with its camera monitoring system, which alerts drivers if they’re using their phones and disables autopilot accordingly. Comfort-wise, the front seats offer a more pleasant experience compared to the rear. I must say, the larger and more transparent moonroof in the Mach E is quite a sight, surpassing the smaller ones in Tesla models.

Impressions and Recommendations:

Wrapping things up, I want to highlight the smooth driving experience of the Mach E. Its responsive sensors, brakes, and acceleration contribute to an enjoyable ride. Oh, and here’s something intriguing: a future feature that tracks driver behavior to detect rage and report it. Lastly, I touch upon the optimization of Tesla’s Linux-based operating system and the absence of Netflix compatibility in the Mach E.


In this blog, I’ve shared my test-driving experience of the Ford Mustang Mach E from the perspective of a Tesla owner. It’s been an exciting journey, comparing various aspects to my familiarity with Tesla models. From the accuracy of the range estimation to the driving experience and autopilot functionality, I hope my insights provide valuable information for those interested in electric vehicles.

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