Talking with IIT Topper in MIT: Fees, Scholarships, and Pursuing Passion for Research – Chitraang Murdia


In this YouTube video titled “Talk with IIT Topper in MIT: Fees, Scholarships,” join Chitraang Murdia as he shares his experiences and insights on studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He discusses various topics, including the unique aspects of MIT, the affordability of education through scholarships, the decision-making process for studying abroad, and the pursuit of research as a passion.

The Uniqueness of MIT

Chitraang highlights the aspects that make MIT unique, such as its culture, people, student community, and projects. He shares his fascination with the strong and competitive research environment at MIT, which encourages students to pursue research.Section 2: Balancing Studies and Entertainment Chitraang talks about his routine at MIT, which primarily revolves around studying. He mentions having limited free time due to taking multiple classes but also engages in activities like cooking, socializing, and attending parties.

Affordability of MIT Education

Chitraang discusses the expenses associated with studying at MIT and how need-blind scholarships can help students from lower-income families. He also mentions the availability of fee waivers for application costs and SAT scores. Additionally, he suggests options for student loans, such as those offered by SBI without requiring collateral

Choosing the Right Path: Transfer, MS, or Freshman Admission

Chitraang shares his perspective on the decision-making process for studying abroad after high school. He advises considering the most achievable option first and then exploring other avenues. He mentions the low acceptance rate for transfer applications to MIT and suggests applying as a freshman for a better chance of admission.

Passion for Research

Chitraang explains how he discovered his passion for research and decided to pursue it instead of opting for a job-oriented career in the IT industry. He emphasizes the importance of exploring different fields and passions to find one’s true calling.

Supportive Environment and Personal Choices

Chitraang credits his parents for their support in allowing him to pursue his interests. He encourages individuals to do what they love and follow their passions. He also discusses the academic-oriented nature of MIT students and the importance of finding a balance between work and play.

Graduation and Duration of Studies

Chitraang mentions that while some students may rush to complete their degree and enter the job market, his focus on academia led him to take the full four years to complete his undergraduate studies. He highlights that requirements and course loads in the US may vary, allowing for graduation in a shorter timeframe.

Standing Out without National Achievements

Chitraang explains that national achievements, such as 10th and 12th-grade marks, may not be the sole criteria for standing out. Fields like astrophysics or aerospace engineering can help individuals differentiate themselves. He shares his personal journey and why he chose to apply to MIT after completing his studies at IIT.


Chitraang Murdia’s insights provide valuable information on the uniqueness of MIT, the affordability of education through scholarships, decision-making processes for studying abroad, and pursuing one’s passion for research. His experiences and advice offer valuable guidance to aspiring students seeking to explore opportunities at top universities.

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