My New Job: Software Engineer to Uber Eats! $20+/ hour?


Getting Started with Uber Eats: In this section, the speaker explains the three essential things required to start working as an Uber Eats driver: the Uber driver phone app, a delivery bag, and an electric bike (although having a bike is optional). They express excitement about their first delivery and mention that it is scheduled during peak dinner time, which implies that it could be a busy period with many orders.

First Delivery Experience:

The speaker shares their experience of their very first delivery. They describe the process of navigating to the restaurant and highlight the challenges they faced with traffic and road conditions. They express concern for their safety while riding the bike and mention considering using car lanes but prioritize safety precautions. They successfully pick up the order from the restaurant and begin their delivery journey.

Difficulty in Finding the Customer’s Location:

During their first delivery, the speaker encounters difficulty finding the customer’s location. They explain that the address provided turned out to be an apartment complex instead of a hotel, which adds complexity to the delivery. They discuss the challenges they faced in finding the correct entrance and delivering to the right location within the complex. Eventually, they locate the customer and complete the delivery, demonstrating their problem-solving skills.

Second Delivery and Tip Expectations:

In this section, the speaker accepts a second delivery and reflects on whether people tend to give more tips for bike deliveries compared to car deliveries. They navigate to the restaurant and successfully pick up the order. While en route to the customer’s location, they discuss the difficulty of following Google Maps and road directions, highlighting the navigational challenges they face as a delivery driver.

Challenges and Confusion with Deliveries:

The speaker shares the challenges they encounter while managing multiple deliveries. They mention the difficulty of canceling a delivery once it has been accepted, which can lead to unintentionally accepting more deliveries than they can handle simultaneously. They emphasize the complexities of managing multiple orders and deliveries. However, they also mention their ability to communicate with the customers to clarify locations and successfully complete deliveries, demonstrating their adaptability and problem-solving skills.

Discussion on Tips and Bike Deliveries:

In this section, the speaker reflects on whether customers tend to give more tips for bike deliveries and whether being on a bike affects their earnings compared to using a car. They provide insights based on their experiences and discuss going back to Taco Bell for another pickup, highlighting its popularity among students and the unique challenges faced by pedestrians in Atlanta, such as traffic and congestion.

Additional Deliveries and Observations:

The speaker completes more deliveries and shares their observations about traffic, road conditions, and the advantages of using an electric bike. They note that their battery level decreases during deliveries and mention the need to charge it soon, highlighting the unique considerations of using an electric bike for deliveries. They also discuss the lack of helmet use in their area due to theft concerns, indicating the safety concerns they face as a delivery driver.

Reflecting on Earnings and Comparison with Software Engineering:

In this section, the speaker reflects on their earnings for the day, including tips and delivery fees. They discuss the hourly earnings they can achieve as an Uber Eats delivery driver and compare it to the higher earning potential of a software engineering job. They acknowledge the differences in income but also emphasize the enjoyment they find in the delivery work, offering insights into the financial aspects and personal satisfaction derived

In the conclusion,

The speaker summarizes their overall experience and earnings as an Uber Eats delivery driver. They mention that delivery work can be enjoyable and provide a good workout, highlighting the physical activity involved in biking for deliveries. They also express their willingness to create more content related to delivery if there is audience interest and ask for feedback from viewers. This indicates their openness to engaging with their audience and tailoring future content based on their preferences. Finally, they bid farewell to the audience, bringing the video to a close.

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