My Journey to Creating a Rental Business in the USA: Exploring Duplex Properties


Welcome to my blog post where I’ll share my transcript from a YouTube video discussing my journey of starting a rental business in the USA. In this installment, I’ll delve into the world of duplex properties and their potential as investments. Join me as I share my thoughts on a specific duplex property, its value, and the financial calculations I’ve made to ensure the success of my rental business. Please note that the transcript has been edited slightly for clarity.

Introducing the Duplex Advantage:

As I embark on my rental business venture, I’ve discovered the allure of duplex properties. These unique buildings consist of two separate units, making them attractive for real estate investment. Over the years, duplexes have experienced significant value growth, especially in sought-after areas like Atlanta, where proximity to hot housing markets and exciting projects like the Beltline has contributed to their increasing value.

Exploring the Chosen Duplex Property:

Let’s take a closer look at the specific duplex property I’m considering. This particular property features two bedrooms and one bathroom in each unit, with distinct entrances for added privacy. The interior showcases a clean and remodeled design, as evident from the appealing photos provided. However, I must admit that the rooms are smaller than I initially anticipated, and I have some concerns about the view and kitchen size.

Evaluating Duplex Properties:

While duplexes are a popular choice among real estate investors, I recognize the importance of thorough research and finding the right asset for my rental business. Factors such as room size, location, and market trends must be carefully considered before making a purchase decision. I’m determined to find a duplex property that aligns with my investment goals and maximizes its potential as a valuable asset.

Financial Considerations for Success:

Considering my student visa status, I’ve discovered the limitations on actively employed work. However, I’ve learned that generating passive income through rental properties is a viable option. To ensure legal compliance, I’m exploring the possibility of creating a limited liability company (LLC) and leveraging platforms like Airbnb to manage the rentals efficiently.

Budgeting for Rental Income and Cash Flow:

Creating a realistic budget is crucial for the success of my rental business. I aim to find a duplex property with a monthly mortgage payment of approximately $3,000. Taking into account additional expenses like house tax and HOA fees, I’m targeting rental income in the range of $3,000 to $4,000 per month to cover all costs effectively. Ultimately, I strive to keep the rental rates within a budget of $1,100 to $1,200 per month.

Maximizing Cash Flow and Achieving Financial Freedom:

My motivation for embarking on this rental business journey is rooted in the desire to create assets rather than liabilities. By maximizing cash flow through rental properties, I aim to achieve financial freedom and reduce financial worries. Passive income from the rentals will provide stability and open up new opportunities for long-term success.


As I conclude this blog post, I invite you to share your thoughts and opinions on my decision to start a rental business. Careful planning, market analysis, and positive cash flow are essential components for success. I firmly believe that embarking on this rental business venture will pave the way toward financial independence and stability. Stay tuned for further updates on my journey!

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