My First Encounter with Punjabi Cuisine at Punjab Avenue: A Culinary Adventure


Have you ever ventured into trying a new cuisine that you’ve never experienced before? In a recent YouTube video titled “Girlfriend Tries Indian (Punjabi) Food for the First Time!! #PunjabAvenue Pt.2,” my partner and I embarked on a delightful culinary adventure at Punjab Avenue, a renowned Punjabi restaurant in Queens, New York. The video captured our reactions and experiences as we delved into the flavors of Punjabi cuisine. Join me as I take you through the divided sections of the transcript and share my firsthand account of this captivating food journey.

Exploring the Restaurant:

As the video begins, we eagerly make our way to Punjab Avenue, an acclaimed Punjabi restaurant. I couldn’t contain my excitement as I anticipated trying Punjabi cuisine for the very first time. We discuss the various snacks and fast food options available, such as paneer and golgappa, debating whether we should opt for fast food or indulge in a proper dinner.

Skincare Routine Interlude:

Between our food exploration, there’s a brief interlude featuring a skincare routine advertisement. I take a moment to talk about the benefits of using the glow face wash and moisturizer from Mama’s Call, a brand that values sustainability and pledges to plant trees. Don’t forget to check out the link in the description for an exclusive discount!

Arriving at India Cafe:

Finally, we arrive at India Cafe, The highest-rated Indian restaurant in Queens known for its authentic Punjabi cuisine. Excitement fills the air as we express our eagerness to sample various dishes, including chili chicken and paneer. Curiosity strikes me as I inquire about the differences between pani puri and chole bhature, and my partner kindly explains the variations. With our order placed, we eagerly await the arrival of our much-anticipated meal.

Trying Punjabi Delicacies:

The moment we’ve been waiting for arrives as the food is served. We begin our gastronomic journey with pani puri, a beloved street food. Guided by my partner, I take my first bite, savoring the unique and delightful flavors. As we discuss the distinctions between pani puri and golgappa, I come to appreciate the use of whole wheat and fried chickpeas in chole bhature. The textures and tastes of Punjabi cuisine leave me thoroughly impressed.

Punjab’s Culinary Influence:

During our meal, we engage in a conversation about Punjab and its culinary significance. I share that Punjab was one of the first Indian states I learned about, thanks to its fame and relatively easier pronunciation. We also compare the portion sizes at Punjab Avenue to our previous dining experiences in Atlanta, expressing our satisfaction with the generous servings and the outstanding quality and flavors of the food.

The Spiciness Debate and Food Coma:

As we relish the spiciness of the dishes, a friendly debate ensues as we try to determine our favorite between butter chicken and chili chicken. In jest, we recall a popular meme that humorously captures the struggle of indecision. Additionally, we playfully discuss the concept of a “food coma,” that delightful yet sleepy feeling experienced after indulging in a sumptuous meal, drawing parallels to the Thanksgiving experience.

Exploring New York:

Concluding our video, we continue our adventure beyond the restaurant’s doors. We hop on a bus and then transfer to a subway train, making our way to Rockefeller Center to explore more of the vibrant city. We’re impressed by the cleanliness of the bus and the convenience of a free transfer between modes of transportation.


My experience trying Punjabi cuisine at Punjab Avenue was a remarkable journey of flavors, spices, and cultural discovery. From the mouthwatering pani puri to the delectable chili chicken and paneer, every dish was a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Punjab. If you’re an adventurous food lover seeking to explore new tastes, I highly recommend embarking on your own Punjabi food adventure. Join me in celebrating the diverse and captivating world of cuisine, one bite at a time.

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