Harnoor with Arpit

MBA in USA with 100% Scholarship from India

In this post, we will be discussing Arpit’s journey to achieving a 100% scholarship for his MBA program in Georgia Tech, USA. Arpit shares his life story, starting from his time as a high school student in India to his current position as an MBA candidate in the United States.

Arpit’s journey began with his admission to NIT Bhopal, where he studied electronics and communications engineering. He credits his time in college for helping him develop his personality and becoming more extroverted. After college, he secured a job at Verizon and worked as a software engineer for three years. Despite his success in software engineering, Arpit felt that it wasn’t his true passion.

Harnoor with Arpit

Arpit’s interest in finance began when he became interested in stock market investing. He started investing his savings in stocks and developed a genuine passion for learning more about finance. He quit his job and passed the CFA exam, and started looking for jobs in finance. Despite facing many rejections, Arpit persisted and landed a job at a stock market company in Indore, where he worked on IPOs for companies on the Equity capital markets.

Arpit’s success in the stock market industry prompted him to apply for MBA programs in the United States. He applied to various colleges, including Georgia Tech, where he had previously learned accounting from a professor’s books. Out of all the schools he applied to, Georgia Tech was the only one that offered him a full scholarship.

Arpit’s scholarship was based on his profile, which stood out from the competition. He had a unique background in both software engineering and stock market investing, which differentiated him from other applicants. Although Georgia Tech is not a top 10 MBA school, Arpit was still able to receive a full scholarship because his profile stood out.

Arpit’s journey to a 100% scholarship for his MBA program is an inspiring story for anyone who is looking to achieve their dreams. Despite facing many rejections and obstacles along the way, Arpit never gave up and continued to pursue his passion. His story teaches us that hard work and persistence can pay off, and that it’s important to never give up on our dreams.

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