Life at Cambridge University: Fees, Scholarships, and Campus Tour


Cambridge University is renowned for its academic excellence and rich history. In this YouTube video transcript, we will explore various aspects of life at Cambridge University, including the fees, scholarships, campus features, and some interesting facts about the city itself.

Fees and Scholarships:

Cambridge University’s tuition fees are approximately £30,000 (after housing), which is three times higher compared to other universities. However, there are various scholarships and funding options available, making it more affordable. The speaker mentions that their own program is now fully funded at the master’s level.

Academic Ranking:

Cambridge University consistently ranks among the top ten universities globally for Computer Science and Mathematics. Its academic reputation attracts students from all over the world. Anglia Ruskin University, located in Cambridge, is ranked among the top 50 universities in the UK according to THE ranking. The speaker does not provide further details about this university.

Campus Features:

Cambridge is often referred to as the “Cycle City” because more than 50% of the population uses bicycles for commuting. While the city is relatively safe with low car and phone theft rates, bicycles can be easily stolen. The speaker also mentions the low pollution index due to the absence of many cars and factories.

Cambridge University Traditions:

It is common to see university directors and professors commuting by bicycle. Additionally, there is a tradition of walking on the left side of the path in Cambridge, which has changed from the earlier tradition of walking on the right side.

College Connectivity:

Cambridge University is comprised of various colleges, and they are connected by bridges, allowing students to easily cross between them. This unique feature fosters a sense of community among the colleges.

Historical Significance:

Cambridge University is the second oldest university in an English-speaking country, highlighting its deep-rooted history and academic heritage.

Academic Experience:

Depending on their major, college, curriculum, and subjects, students pursuing Computer Science (CS) or Mechanical Engineering (ME) can expect a diverse and challenging academic experience.

Cultural Experience:

The speaker mentions coming from Atlanta, where the weather is warmer, and feeling colder in Cambridge. They also note that many Bollywood movies have been shot in London, contributing to the cultural diversity of the area.

Transportation and Public Services:

The speaker highlights the difference in sunset times between summers in Atlanta (11 pm) and Cambridge (4 pm). They also mention the smaller distances between cars and buses, which can be surprising for those accustomed to larger gaps. Public transportation is well-organized and efficient in Cambridge, but for long-distance travel, alternative options may be necessary.


Cambridge University offers a prestigious academic environment with diverse opportunities for students. While tuition fees may be higher compared to other institutions, scholarships and funding options are available. The city itself provides a unique cycling culture, picturesque bridges connecting the colleges, and a rich historical background. Additionally, Cambridge offers a vibrant cultural scene and reliable public transportation for students to explore.

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