I'm Quitting Apple EcoSystem

I’m Quitting Apple EcoSystem (sort of)! Reality of Security & Privacy!

Have you ever stopped to think about the security of your Apple devices? Do you trust the Apple ecosystem to keep your information safe and secure? In this video, we’ll take a closer look at the reality of security and privacy within the Apple ecosystem. You might be shocked to learn just how vulnerable your information can be.

The Story of a Friend

Let’s start with a story about a friend who lost access to all of his coding projects, photos, and bank accounts in a matter of minutes. He lost his phone, and someone saw him typing in his passcode. The next day, he tried to log in on a computer, but he couldn’t access his Apple ID. All of his files, including photos and projects, were gone. Someone had emptied all of his bank accounts and applied for loans and credit cards on his behalf, putting him in debt of thousands of dollars. How could this happen in the supposedly secure Apple ecosystem?

The Reality of Security and Privacy

It turns out that the walls of the Apple ecosystem can be breached. Thieves work together to steal phones and use apps to take hundreds of thousands of dollars from unsuspecting victims. The steps a hacker can take to access your information and destroy your life are terrifyingly simple.

Step 1: Know Your Passcode

Once a thief knows your passcode, they can sign into your phone and go to settings to change your password. They can even change your Apple ID password with just your phone password. This is incredibly scary because once they have your Apple ID password, they can access all of your Apple devices, including your iPad and Apple TV.

Step 2: Access Your Password Manager

If you save your passwords in Apple’s password manager, a thief can access all of your passwords, including your bank account passwords. They can then empty your bank accounts and apply for loans and credit cards on your behalf.

Step 3: Search Your Photos App

A thief can search your photos app for your social security number, which they can then use to take out loans and put you in debt.

Breaking the Walls of the Apple Ecosystem

To protect yourself from these security breaches, you need to break the walls of the Apple ecosystem. Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Use an Alphanumeric Passcode

Instead of using a simple passcode, use an alphanumeric passcode. This makes it more difficult for someone to steal your passcode by looking over your shoulder.

  1. Use Multiple Cloud Services

Don’t rely solely on iCloud to store your important files and photos. Use multiple cloud services, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, to keep your information safe.

  1. Use a Different Password Manager

Apple’s password manager may not be the safest option. Consider using a different password manager, such as Bitwarden, which has an open-source code and is more secure.

  1. Use Two-Factor Authentication

Use two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security to your accounts. However, be aware that this method can also be risky if a hacker has access to your phone and text messages.

  1. Use Unique Characters

Use unique characters in your passwords that are not saved in your password manager. This way, even if a hacker gains access to your password manager, they won’t be able to access all of your accounts.


In conclusion, the Apple ecosystem is not infallible when it comes to security and privacy. To protect yourself, it’s important to take proactive steps to break the walls of the ecosystem and make your information as secure as possible. Don’t let yourself become a victim of hackers and thieves. Take action today to protect yourself and your information.

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