Experiencing the World’s Brightest Bioluminescence in Magical Puerto Rico


In this YouTube vlog, join me and my companion as we embark on an exciting journey to witness the brightest bioluminescence in the world. Our destination is Vieques Island in Puerto Rico, known for its stunning natural phenomenon. Experience our adventure, filled with science, knowledge, and entertainment.

Journey to Vieques Island

We start by leaving our Airbnb and setting off to witness the world’s brightest bioluminescence in Vieques Island, Puerto Rico. We can’t contain our excitement and anticipation for this extraordinary experience. As we head towards the Ceiba terminal, we discuss the different ways to reach Vieques: ferry, plane, or multiple buses. Opting for convenience, we choose an Uber, and we can’t help but share our enthusiasm for the upcoming adventure.

Challenges and Waiting at the Ferry Terminal

Upon arriving at the Ceiba terminal, we face some challenges in obtaining ferry tickets. The high demand makes it difficult for us to secure tickets, even after waiting for several hours. To pass the time, we decide to visit a nearby beach, only to realize it’s not what we expected. We grab a meal at a restaurant and then return to the ferry terminal.

Boarding the Ferry to Vieques

Finally, the moment arrives, and we board the ferry to Vieques Island. The limited visibility and the feeling of anticipation during the ferry ride make us even more excited about the prospect of experiencing the world’s brightest bioluminescence.

Arrival and Relaxation

After the long journey, we reach our Airbnb in Vieques, expressing relief and gratitude. The amenities provided, such as air conditioning, a fan, and access to water, make our stay comfortable. We also note that hotels in Vieques tend to be quite expensive, reinforcing the value of our chosen accommodation.

Bioluminescence Tour

Join us as we embark on a bioluminescence tour. We start the tour on a school bus, sharing anecdotes about our school memories and noticing the absence of conductors. The tour guide demonstrates the correct posture for experiencing the bioluminescence, emphasizing the importance of using elbows rather than the torso or shoulders. We describe the unique nature of the glowing water and the challenges of capturing its essence on camera.

The Science behind Bioluminescence

Let’s delve into the science behind bioluminescence. We explain the phenomenon, linking it to photosynthesis. We mention the specific bacteria called Pyrodinium bahamense, which is responsible for the glow. We highlight the factors that contribute to the brightness of the bioluminescence in Puerto Rico, such as the absence of artificial lights and the visibility of stars in the night sky.

Exploring Vieques Beaches

Join us as we set out to explore different beaches in Vieques. We can’t contain our excitement about visiting beaches with varying sand colors, such as black, yellow, and white. We reflect on the previous night’s bioluminescent experience, describing it as a magical and heavenly phenomenon.

Conclusion and Reflection

Our journey concludes with our awe and surprise at the natural light generated by organisms in the water. We emphasize the importance of making advanced bookings, especially during peak seasons, to ensure a smoother experience. We mention renting a golf cart for transportation and remark on the higher prices of items on the island.

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