Create Resume Portfolio in 10 Mins! GitHub Pages

Creating a tech portfolio has become an essential part of a developer’s job search. It helps showcase their skills, achievements, and projects to potential employers. One of the easiest ways to create a portfolio is by using GitHub pages. In this blog post, we will go over the steps to create your tech portfolio in under 10 minutes, following a YouTube tutorial.

First, we need to create a profile on, which is free for students. We can add our phone number, email, and social media profiles to our profile, making it easier for recruiters to reach out to us. We can also create an NFC tag, which contains a link to our profile, making it easy to share our information at networking events.

Next, we need to create a website for our portfolio. GitHub pages offer free website hosting, making it an ideal choice. We need to sign up for a student account on GitHub, create a new repository, and name it “resume.” Then, we can add a Jekyll template to our repository, which will serve as the base for our website.

We can customize our website by editing the files in the repository. We need to make changes to the config.yml and data files to reflect our personal information and projects. We can also add images to our website, including our profile picture.

Once we have made the necessary changes, we can deploy our website to GitHub pages. This is done by going to the repository settings, selecting the “Pages” tab, and deploying the site from the main branch.

Finally, we can add a link to our GitHub pages website to our profile, making it easy for recruiters to view our portfolio. We can also add the link to our NFC tag, making it easy to share our portfolio in person.

In conclusion, creating a tech portfolio is essential for anyone looking for a job in the tech industry. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, we can create a professional-looking portfolio in under 10 minutes. It’s an excellent way to showcase our skills and stand out from the competition

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