Are Indians Taking American Jobs? Growth of Telugu in USA!


In this section, the speaker introduces the topic of Indians from Hyderabad, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh achieving success in the United States. The speaker mentions that migrating to the US is considered a significant achievement for many individuals from these regions. They also highlight the growth of the Telugu language in America.

Are Indians taking American jobs?

In this section, the speaker addresses the question of whether Indians are taking American jobs. They mention a video featuring an Indian girl from the Telugu community who shares her experiences, highlighting challenges such as crowded living conditions, working in Indian stores or as nannies, and unhygienic apartments. The speaker then mentions another video about scams related to GRE and fake income tax returns, which are prevalent in Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh.

Scams and visa issues

The speaker discusses various scams and visa-related issues faced by individuals from Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh. They mention the high rejection rate of US visas in Hyderabad and the existence of companies that assist in creating fake income tax returns. The speaker also shares an incident where two students were caught with a fake university enrollment, leading to their denial of entry into the US. They highlight that many of these scams are associated with individuals from Andhra Pradesh.

Genuine opportunities to study abroad

The speaker introduces “upGrad Abroad,” a website offering genuine programs to study in the US. They mention that the website provides various programs in fields such as healthcare, finance, business, management, artificial intelligence, and computer science. The speaker emphasizes the affordability of these courses compared to official university websites. They also mention the flexibility of online learning while working in India, followed by on-campus study in the US.

Hyderabad’s transformation into an IT hub

The speaker discusses the transformation of Hyderabad into a major IT hub. They credit the former Chief Minister Naidu and Microsoft’s establishment of their headquarters in Hyderabad in 1998 for this transformation. They draw a parallel between the development of Silicon Valley in California and Hyderabad’s growth as an IT industry center, attributing it to the presence of renowned research universities like IIIT Hyderabad and Osmania University.

Ameerpet and certification culture

The speaker highlights Ameerpet, a place in Hyderabad known for its IT knowledge and certification centers. They mention that people from various regions come to Ameerpet to obtain IT certifications, although some of these certifications may be fake. The speaker acknowledges that such practices are prevalent but emphasizes that not all certifications from Ameerpet are fraudulent.

Cultural perception and success in the US

The speaker explores the cultural perception of success associated with going to the US. They mention that many individuals believe that moving to the US is the only way to achieve financial prosperity and bring iPhones or other luxuries back home. They explain that the money sent back to families in India by successful individuals in the US can significantly impact their parents’ lives.

Impact on job creation

The speaker discusses the impact of Indian immigrants on job creation in the US. They argue that immigrants, in general, create more jobs than they take away, particularly through startups. However, they note that specific data on job creation by Indians specifically is not readily available. They mention an example of two Indian entrepreneurs who started a company that employed 2,500 workers in the US.

In conclusion,

You have gained insights into the achievements of individuals from Hyderabad, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh in the United States. It is important to acknowledge the challenges faced by some individuals, including crowded living conditions and involvement in scams. However, it is crucial to recognize that there are genuine opportunities for studying abroad through platforms like “upGrad Abroad.” The transformation of Hyderabad into an IT hub, facilitated by the presence of Microsoft headquarters and reputable research universities, has greatly contributed to the success of individuals from this region. The discussion also touched upon the certification culture in Ameerpet and the cultural perception of success associated with moving to the US. Furthermore, it was highlighted that Indian immigrants, including those from Hyderabad, have a positive impact on job creation in the US through startups and entrepreneurial ventures. Overall, this discussion has provided you with a comprehensive understanding of the achievements and challenges faced by individuals from Hyderabad in the US, presenting a nuanced perspective on their contributions and experiences.

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