A Day in the Life of an Extremely Happy Software Engineer! (Layoffs Edition)


In this YouTube video, you’ll get a glimpse into a day in the life of an extremely happy software engineer. Despite the challenges, including ongoing layoffs in the industry, I’ll show you how I maintain productivity and happiness throughout the day. Let’s explore the key moments and strategies I share in the video.

Morning Routine and Work Setup:

So, imagine it’s a bright sunny morning, and I usually go to the office three days a week. But today, I’m working from home as an Android and iOS developer.

Problem Solving with a Positive Attitude:

First challenge of the day: my Mac mini is running slow while building an iOS app for an iPad mini. Waiting for the build to complete would make me unproductive, so I come up with a positive solution. I keep the Mac mini running, connect my Windows laptop to optimize its speed, and switch between the two using a specially designed keyboard and mouse.

Handling Queries and Switching Between Tasks:

As I transition from Android to iOS development, I have queries from my team. I quickly address them using my email client while the Mac mini continues building the iOS app. Once the build is done, I switch back to my Macbook to work on Android tasks.

Utilizing YouTube for Learning:

Now, here’s a productivity tip: I disable the YouTube recommendation system using a Chrome extension called “be time full.” This allows me to search for specific tutorial videos relevant to my work, enhancing my learning process and avoiding distractions.

Lunch and Productivity Secrets:

It’s time for a lunch break! I enjoy some homemade vada pav. Taking care of my back is essential, so I make sure to maintain good posture. I have an ergonomic chair called “Flexispot” that keeps my back straight and comfortable. I also emphasize the benefits of standing and stretching throughout the day.

Relaxation and Distraction-Free Environment:

On Fridays, I like to work in a reclined position using my ergonomic chair. Some might say working in a relaxed position makes you sleepy, but after four productive days, it’s important to take a moment to relax. With the Flexispot desk, I create a distraction-free environment and can work comfortably.

Continuous Learning and Backup Plans:

Every day, I dedicate time to learning new skills. It’s crucial to spend at least 30 minutes to an hour on self-improvement and preparing for backup options, especially during layoffs. This mindset helps me stay prepared and confident about my career prospects.

Hobbies and Work-Life Balance:

Outside of work, I have various hobbies like attending Spanish classes, working out, and spending time with friends. Having multiple sources of happiness beyond work is essential for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


In this blog, I’ve shared the highlights of a YouTube video showcasing a day in my life as an extremely happy software engineer, even during challenging times of industry layoffs. By employing positive problem-solving techniques, optimizing my work setup, utilizing YouTube for learning, taking care of my physical well-being, and engaging in hobbies, I’ve shown you how I find joy and fulfillment in my profession.

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